Our Product

What makes For Your Glass Only different from other wine glass markers?

First, each marker is handcrafted in home and I’m committed to keeping FYGO made by hand here in the USA.

Secondly, every marker is tested on a glass to make sure it sits securely on the rim. The quality of my markers is only one aspect of my commitment to these creations. Safety is another. There are no parts or pieces to slip off of my markers and land in your drink or on the floor. They are safe and easy to use.

Finally, they are distinguishable. Because they sit on the rim of your glass, they’re easy to see when your glass is placed amongst others at a gathering, or in a more intimate setting.

So when your thinking of a great gift, something fun to have at your event or just for your own pleasure, please consider For Your Glass Only to adorn and distinguish your glass!

Caring for Your Marker

For Your Glass Only is meant to stay put on the rim of your glass by the tension created by the wire and double helix.

If your marker should happen to shift on your glass (this can happen over time) the tension simply needs to be re-adjusted.

You can retension the wire by holding the marker between your thumb (place thumb on the swirls) and your index finger. With the other hand, place your index finger in between the wire (it looks like the bottom of a square) and the marker. Now apply the slightest outward pressure on this part of the wire. It’s this tension that causes the marker to sit on the glass rim. Wire has memory and the markers will shape to your glass.

Dishwasher not recommended. Remove your rim marker before you wash your glasses. They’re easy to re-attach: simply slip it back on the rim of your glass.