About Us

Welcome to “For Your Glass Only”. 

          My love of wine began when my husband’s mom, "Virginia" asked me if I wanted a glass.  That was 22 years ago. Thus, began my love affair!  I soon found out though, I didn't like sharing my wine with anyone...and so my quest began, to find a glass marker that would meet my needs.  I didn’t like the clatter some makers made and being a cancer survivor I was leery of magnets.  That’s how “For Your Glass Only” came to being. 

           It wasn’t until my daughter requested a marker that would work with her new “stemless wine glasses” that I began to work on my current creation.  Coming up with something that would work was a challenge. It had to stay on the rim, not scratch the glass and be easy to attach and remove.  It took me about a year to perfect my design, which is now patent-pending.  Each wine glass rim marker is hand crafted and inspected for both quality and aesthetic purposes. Every one is tried on a glass before its approved to go into the world and identify your glass.

There’s no more guessing which glass is yours with “For Your Glass Only".

The rim marker that says “This Glass Is Mine!”